The Wraith Crystal now available for free

The Wraith Crystal now available for free

I’ve received a lot of questions about the Wraith Crystal and the necromancer from my first book, Jarren Heartwood. Jarren’s meeting with him is brief, but the story of the tormented soul, Kasparian Tellis, deserves more than just a few pages which is why I decided to tell his story. If you want to know more about Tellis and his desperate attempts of bringing back those he lost, check out this free novella at Amazon or Google Play.


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Corruption. Greed. Murder. Even the wisest man’s obsession can make him blind to his sins, but Kasparian’s obsession is all he has. He wants to protect others from feeling the torment he does every day – the pain of losing those dearest to him. However, the only way for him to accomplish this is to possess the power of the gods.

For years, Kasparian and his disciples fought to get the attention of the wisaris, the race known to humans as gods. Kasparian used to look to them for guidance and salvation, but finding none, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Researching the illusionary powers of the Shadow Academy and the destructive energy of the Flares of the Sun, he wants answers. When his thoughts and experiments grow darker, the most critical question is: Is any price too high?

Read today to find out if Kasparian succeeds in his attempts to acquire the power of the gods. How much of himself and his friends will he have to sacrifice? And what happens when he realizes it was a mistake trying to control the power of several realms?

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