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QoB book 2 - Launch

The Omen of Destruction will be available on May 1st! Read more in my latest post and check out some of the art that is only shared on this site.


Russell Johnson did it again. His interpretation and acting makes the story come alive in a whole new way - Click here for a sample.

The pearl of Glin Sea

The map of Seahaven turned out so well. If you check back soon, I will share it here on my page.

An interview with Jarren Heartwood

Interviewer: Mr. Heartwood, it’s exciting to finally meet you. Your story is almost legendary. Could you please tell me about yourself? Jarren: Did you know that the Rot empowers feelings and emotions such as hatred and indifference? Interviewer: I thought I was the one asking the questions (Chuckles). Perhaps you could start with your mother? […]

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