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Writing news

QoB book 2 - Done

The Omen of Destruction has been completed! Stay tuned for launch date and blog posts revealing characters and locations

Audiobook recording

The recording of The Omen of Destruction has begun! Hearing the characters come alive again is amazing.

The pearl of Glin Sea

The work on the city map for Seahaven has begun and I'm very excited to see the first draft. I will share it soon.

An interview with Jarren Heartwood

Interviewer: Mr. Heartwood, it’s exciting to finally meet you. Your story is almost legendary. Could you please tell me about yourself? Jarren: Did you know that the Rot empowers feelings and emotions such as hatred and indifference? Interviewer: I thought I was the one asking the questions (Chuckles). Perhaps you could start with your mother? […]

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Short stories from Elonia lore

I love fantasy, and it wasn’t until a few years back I fully understood why. Fantasy shares a lot of aspects with other genres, but two things stand out—magic and world lore. Magic makes it cool, fun, and action-packed, but the worldbuilding is what ties everything together. Don’t get me wrong, if nothing but the […]

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