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Writing news

QoB book 2 editing

The editing process of The Omen of Destruction (QoB book 2) has begun.

Russ Johnson's podcast

My audiobook narrator, Russ, made a special episode about me on his amazing Drizzt Do'Urden podcast on Spotify and Youtube. Check it out.

The pearl of Glin Sea

The work on the city map for Seahaven has begun and I'm very excited to see the first draft. I will share it soon.

Music fuels creativity

YouTube fantasy lists and Spotify have been crucial through the first adventures of Jarren Heartwood. I can write without music, but when I put on those headphones and block out everything else, I enter the world of Elonia in a different way altogether. These inspiring and grand tracks helped shape Elonia and the adventures of […]

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Audiobook out now

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! For several months, I have been working with the amazing narrator Russell Johnson to create the audiobook of Jarren Heartwood, and you know what – today, it’s out! You can listen to it on all major audiobook sites like Audible, audiobooks, SCRIBD, Apple Books, and many more. Perhaps you have heard about […]

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