Conflict. Invasion. A ruined world.

The Rot spreads like wildfire from the north and south as the connection to the Realm of Creation diminishes. It’s only a matter of time before the trees, animals, and dryads will be lost to the land of Elonia and, along with them, love and compassion. If hope remains, it’s in the hearts of the dryads and the three companions: Jarren, Ameida, and Sepheus.

When a scout goes missing up north, there’s only one way to find answers. But the cold and barren northlands hold dark and deadly mysteries. However, none of these things compare to the challenges in Seahaven, where the friends face flares equipped with enhanced crystals and powerful new spells.

As an old adversary wielding the notorious great core crystal, the Blazing Heart, shows up, the real enemy is revealed—a gruesome enemy that no one, not even the dryads, had foreseen.

Read book two of Quadrant of Balance and join the journey to save Elonia.

Corruption. Greed. Murder. Even the wisest man’s obsession can make him blind to his sins, but Kasparian’s obsession is all he has. He wants to protect others from feeling the torment he does every day – the pain of losing those dearest to him. However, the only way for him to accomplish this is to possess the power of the gods.

For years, Kasparian and his disciples fought to get the attention of the wisaris, the race known to humans as gods. Kasparian used to look to them for guidance and salvation, but finding none, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Researching the illusionary powers of the Shadow Academy and the destructive energy of the Flares of the Sun, he wants answers. When his thoughts and experiments grow darker, the most critical question is: Is any price too high?

Read today to find out if Kasparian succeeds in his attempts to acquire the power of the gods. How much of himself and his friends will he have to sacrifice? And what happens when he realizes it was a mistake trying to control the power of several realms?

Betrayed. Orphaned. Consumed by vengeance.

Young Jarren Heartwood’s only chance of survival is to join the Shadow Academy elites, the enemy of his enemy, to destroy the fire mages known as the flares.

A darkness is creeping across Elonia, destroying hope and creating a malevolent society where the weakest are guaranteed a miserable existence, and the factions that are supposed to defend and protect only create more despair while searching out ways to become more powerful.

Jarren Heartwood’s secretive mother raised him on fear of the Academy and the flares, but infused his life with love and fanciful tales as they scraped by in their brutal city of Nirwood. At the age of ten, he suddenly has his mother ripped away, leaving him fending for himself. To survive and avenge his mother, he turns to the Shadow Academy assassins.

After seven years of brutality and callousness, Jarren has become the vengeful killer needed to take out his enemies.

When an assignment comes along that should rocket him through the Academy ranks, he jumps at it. However, not all is as it seems, and the very magical forest that haunts him unveils a world he knew nothing about but is very much entangled with. Jarren must reevaluate everything he thought he knew, for magic and myths are very much alive, and revelations about his childhood and family rock him to the core.

Quadrant of Balance is a four-book fantasy odyssey following the monumental challenges faced by Jarren and his companions to save Elonia from the dark curse.

Are you a fan of the adventure and mystery of Sanderson and like the magic and fast-paced combat of Salvatore? Then you will love Quadrant of Balance – Jarren Heartwood.

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